Kent's School Challenge  2020                                      

1.    All children must be of Primary School age (4-11 years) 

2.    You perform two dance routines that should be no longer than 4 minutes each (one routine in the first half of the show, one in the second half). 

      However, if the School are bringing different group's of children that are not in the same routines, up to four routines may be performed.

3.    Minimum number of dancers per School is fifteen.

4.    All props must be cleared by the ‘SYWTD’ event organisers.

5.    Ticket prices for the show are £12.00 for adults and £8.00  per child.

6.    Each school will be allocated a short rehearsal on the stage to run their two routines before the show.

7.    All tracks must be sent to ‘SYWTD’ clearly marked with the two dance numbers named, and the name of the school. This can be emailed or sent via drop box.

8.    All music must be age appropriate with no bad language. Teachers will be required to bring a back-up CD to the event.

9. ‘SYWTD’ must have all the names and ages of the children at the time of performance with entry, 

10. The children will be permitted to watch other Schools when they are not performing. They will be seated in the upper circle (providing they are chaperoned by their class teacher and they are not required backstage).

11.  Every school will have their own allocated dressing space. In larger dressing area’s some schools will be required to share.

12.  Two chaperones per school are allowed backstage.

13.  No parents will be permitted backstage.

14.  The safety of children during the choreography is the responsibility of the dance teacher.

15. All numbers must be well rehearsed considering the space available. Please see Theatre website for stage dimensions.

16.  ‘SYWTD’ do not take responsibility for any injuries occurred during performance.

17.  The running order of the show will be the responsibility of ‘SYWTD’.

18.  Children will be required to be performance ready at their allotted times.

19.  No refunds will be given for entry fees once the school has committed to the Competition.

20.  Entry fees are £7.00 per dancer.





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