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So You Want To Dance is a fun and friendly dance and vocal competition that invites all styles of dance and song to compete in front of a panel of three industry professional judges. At SYWTD we believe what sets us apart from the rest is the diversity of the judges, and the great atmosphere and encouragement the children receive from all involved SYWTD! As the competition is open to a variety of styles, we need to ensure we have a variety of expertize on our panel, so we carefully select our judges that come from different backgrounds (street/hip hop, musical theatre and vocals, classical/modern/jazz) Each judge has a score sheet and the scores are added together for the final results. The judges are also on the look-out for memorable performances throughout the day for our awards given at the end of the competition!


Getting Your Entries In & Sections

If you are thinking of entering SYWTD you can simply fill in the Entry Forms from our website. It is the responsibility of SYWTD to determine the sections and split them according to age and style of dance. Based on entries we receive, we split the sections as we see fit, so when entering we need to know the section (solo, duets, trio’s, and troupes) the names and ages for the section, and style of dance. If you are entering troupes or crews, the sections once again will be split in accordance to age and style of routine. Please note, at SYWTD we work on an average age for the troupe sections!! So we need all ages of each performer so we can work that out. Once again it is the responsibility of SYWTD to determine what section we feel is the fairest for each candidate to perform in. If needed we will discuss this with the principal of the school, and prior to the event you will receive written confirmation of entries and a running order/ timings so you know exactly what section and when you’re performing.


You can enter in the following – Solo – this will be split into age groups and Cabaret or Classical style.

Solo Ages – 7 +Under, 8/9, 10/11, 12/13, 14/15, 16+ 

Duet,Trio - these will be split by age only . Junior/Inter/Senior

Troupes - Cabaret ( Jazz , musical theatre )

Troupes - Lyrical/Contemporary 

Troupes - Street, Hip Hop, Comercial 

Troupes - Mixed Age 

Troupe Ages – Mini Under 8yrs, Junior 9-11yrs, Inter 12-14yrs,  Senior 15+ 


Prices - 

Solo £12.50 

Duet £7.50 per dancer 

Trio £7.50 Per dancer 

Troupe - £7.00 Per dancer 



Each section at SYWTD is judged and an independent marker will add up the scores and the sections are awarded a 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th place where medals and trophies are given out. There are regular intervals throughout the day where the sections will be judged. All the candidates are seated on stage (subject to change by SYWTD) that have performed in the sections and are called  to receive their medals/trophies. All 1st place winners from throughout the competition are then considered for the cash prize!! The judges have the right to ask any 1st place winners to perform again. We have a Junior Awards 2/3 into the day where we Award any outstanding Juniors that have performed and at the end of the event we hold our final awards, once again outstanding Inters/seniors will be awarded aswell as Judges choice awards, our college sponsor awards and of course the winner of the  cash prize we offer at each venue.


NEW FORMAT WINTER 2021 - SUMMER 2022 !!!  At each venue all 1st 2nd and 3rd  place winners will be invited to attend our final at the end of our season summer 2020, along with various judges choices . Places in the final will be on a first come first served basis and will only be secured with payment .


There will be £2000  in cash prizes and a full 3 year scholorship given out in the final as well as many other awards and prizes.

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