Entry Fees - For All Heats 

Solo £12.50

Duet £7.50 Per Dancer 

Trio £7.50 Per Dancer 

Group/Troupe £7 per Dancer ( min 4 dancers) School Challenge £7 per Dancer 

Entry Categories and Sections

Solo Cabaret ( Tap, Modern/Jazz , Acro, Song and Dance )                                                      Solo Classical ( Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Character, National )              

 7yrs and under -  8/9 yrs - 10/11yrs  - 12/13yrs  -  14/15yrs  – 16+  -  18+ ( sections maybe split slightly different depending on the venue and entries)

Duets and Trios, Junior , Inter ,Senior (15+) Maybe split into Cabaret and Classical depending on numbers. 

Troupes, Junior (11 and under) Inter (12-14) Senior (15+) we work on an average age basis wherever possible , categories are – Classical (plus lyrical/contemporary) Cabaret (tap, modern, Acro, Jazz) – Commercial (Commercial and Street) Open (all other styles including mixed age)

Vocals – Vocal solo , and Troupe

We try to make each section as fair as possible, the running order maybe subject to change by sywtd at anytime.

Each section at SYWTD is judged and an independent marker will add up the scores and the sections are awarded a 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th place where medals and trophies are given out. There are regular intervals throughout the day where the sections will be judged. All the candidates are seated in the auditorium (subject to change by SYWTD) that have performed in the sections and are called on to the stage to receive their medals/trophies. All 1st place winners from throughout the competition are then considered for the £250.00  cash prize!!

Please refer to SYWTD terms and conditions of enrty.

All 1st/2nd place winners will be invited to compete in our Final. 

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All entry fees include the dancers ticket/seat in the auditorium.Please print and send/ email  entry form.

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