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Each section at SYWTD is awarded a 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th place. 

Medals will be given for solo/duet/trios. A Trophy will be awarded for Troupes.

Additional Medals/Trophies will be available for purchase at the events. 

All 1st/2nd/3rd  place open  winners will be invited to compete in our Final and all 1st Place novice section winners should your event be a heat. Final spaces will be on a 1st come 1st served basis. 


Sections and Categories - 

Solo ages 5 and under 6/7yrs 8/9yrs 10/11yrs 12/13yrs 14/15yrs 16+ 

Duet/Trio/Troupe  Mini 8yrs and under Junior 9-11 Inter 12-14 Senior 15 + Overs 18+


Cabaret Styles - Modern/Jazz/Street/Commercial/Tap/Acro/Song and Dance 

Classical Styles - Ballet/Contemporary/Lyrical/Character/National 

We work on an average age basis for Groups. 

Entry prices -

Solo £18.50

Duet/Trio £8.50 per dancer 

Troupe £10.00  per dancer 


Terms and Conditions


Due to lack of space back stage we must limit the use of props to hand held props. Use of any props must be passed by us prior to the event.

                    Solo's must be no longer than 2 minutes. Duets/Trios no longer than 2.5 minutes. Groups max 4minutes. 

                   The running order of the day and the placing of your tracks will be the decision of ' So You want to dance'

                   All music must be uploaded onto our system 'dance comp genie' two weeks prior to the event, principles will be required to bring a backup copy to event

                   The stage edges will be clearly marked please take into consideration the dimensions of the stage when choreographing your routines. Dimensions can                     be found on the Theatres website.

                   The safety of the children during the choreography is the teacher’s responsibility.

                   Children will be expected to be ready to go on stage at their allotted times. And need to arrive at least 1 hour before their section time. 

                   Tracks will be played in their entirety please do not expect us to do late starts or fade Outs.

                   We have a professional sound and lighting technician unfortunately individual lighting requests may not be granted.

                   We do not take responsibility for any injuries incurred during the performance. Any Tricks/acrobatics must be well rehearsed and safe in the space.                            We do not take any responsibility for any loss or damages to personal goods and valuables.

                   Routines must be rehearsed and ready to run, as on stage rehearsals will not be possible.

                   Due to the child protection act, personal photography and video filming on any device will not be permitted. 

                    However there will be a professional photographer at the event (Ivell Photography).

              Medals, trophies, and cash prize will be awarded on the day of event.

                   No smoking or chewing gum is permitted inside the theatre.

                   Please ensure all mobile phones are switched off during the performance.

                   Breach of any terms and conditions may result in disqualification.

                   It is your responsibility to check music is correct, no re-dances will be allowed due to your error, please clearly mark music files.                                                                    No refunds will be given for entrance fees once you have committed to the competition. 

                    Please note; when entering via the software Dance Comp Genie the system will be closed one month prior to event date. Any amendments to entries                          needed after this time will incur an administration fee of £5. All accounts must be finalised one month prior to event date. Once your account is                                    finalised and the system is closed your entries have been registered  and are entered into the event, no refunds will be given at this point.                                                Children must be accompanied at all times and not left to roam freely around the Venue. It is the responibility of the licensed chaperones,teachers and                     parents/carers to take care of their children during So you want to Dance events. All children must be accounted for at all times throughout the day .                         Children will be signed in at the SYWTD desk in the foyer and given a room allocation for changing. Each school will be given a pack which will include                     sign in/out sheets, accident and illness forms,record sheets and a copy of our BOPA. 

                   All competitions are limited to non-professionals, professionals are those deriving their main means of lively hood from teaching or performing in the                          subject of competition, persons receiving an occasional fee will be deemed to be non-professional for the purpose of the competition.   






















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